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Jonathan Maxwell

"You'll sit alone forever if you wait for the right time..."

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Name:Jonathan Samuel Maxwell
Birthdate:Apr 29
Born and raised outside Seattle, Washington, Jonathan Maxwell is the younger of two siblings. He grew up pretty happily in a really laid back family, who always wanted the best for their kids. So when he hit high school age, his parents made the very difficult decision to send him across the country to attend Luxton Academy, a private boarding school for boys in New Hampshire. It was there that he first met his best friend, Eli Martinez, an artistic soul from New Orleans. The pair couldn't have been more different, but they just worked as friends, and they were literally inseparable. When Eli was diagnosed with diabetes, Jonathan was right there by his side.

The pair's close friendship continued through their senior year of high school, even seeing them planning on how they were going to get to see each other often when they were in college, though Jonathan was going to Mercy College in New York to get his veterinary tech certification, and Eli was headed to Brown University in Providence to pursue his Bachelor of Fine Arts. But that all came crashing down when Eli caught Jonathan kissing the sister of their good friend after graduation. For some reason that Jonathan couldn't even recognize, Eli had been furious with him, and they had ended up in a huge fight that literally resulted in them leaving graduation separately as opposed to their previous plans of having dinner together with their families, and in the years following that, they never spoke again.

Jonathan went on to college, and it was during his freshman year that he met Flynn Hunter, a male prostitute and stripper with whom Jonathan first discovered the fact that he was definitely bisexual. It was never something he'd considered in the past, but not because of any real reason beyond the fact that he just hadn't entertained too much thought about his sexuality in the past. He'd always sort of gone through life with a happy-go-lucky way about him, and never thought too much about a hell of a lot of anything. It wasn't carelessness so much as being care-free, and taking life as it came.

Which was why, when he was suddenly struck with the loss of his dad, who was the one paying for Jonathan's education, he didn't know what to do. Nothing like that had ever occurred to him, and the loss was so unexpected. It was one night only a few days after his dad's death that Jonathan called up Flynn, asking for his help in getting Jonathan set up with a few clients of his own. His boyish charm and good looks made him a pretty easy sale, and before long, he was doing pretty well for himself, but that was never the life he'd wanted. It was one night at his most heartbroken that he made the call to the cell phone number he'd had saved as Eli's, only to learn it had been disconnected long ago.

But despite the difficulties at hand, Jonathan graduated, and earned himself a good job as a vet tech, leaving his previous work well behind him and moving forward, though he never lost his friendship with Flynn. He remains in New York, where he's found himself pretty happy in his career, but would like to eventually find someone and settle down... And he hopes to one day reunite with his high school best friend and have the chance to tell him that he's sorry that their friendship was lost.
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